Thursday, June 02, 2016

Free airplane! / 自在的小飛機!


Today my fifth class has graduated. Since I kept reminding myself to say goodbye to the girls with my best wishes, I did have a great day. See, I have made much progress in the summer before turning forty! 


     A few weeks ago I was looking for some answers. I felt the strong need to make some breakthroughs because I am almost halfway through my teaching career and feel like change. Luckily, I had an opportunity to go to Shanghai thanks to work earlier in May. Along the way I was blessed with many inspirations. After the trip, it took me a while to realize within the box, there are still many possibilities if I use my imagination and creativity. 


     Kids of every generation vary greatly, and now I strongly feel only when I really accept their differences will I live well. I am heading forward my fifteen year of being a teacher, and my goal is to be a free airplane. I would like to overlook everything from the sky, but I won't be emotionally involved or make subjective judgments. 


     My new scenery, see you in three months! 

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