Sunday, June 21, 2015

Saturday afternoons / 週六午後


I spend my Saturday afternoons working as a volunteer in the TAI herbarium. Unlike the past, I am no longer alone now. We have turned the weekend children's museum project into a long-term activity, which means that there are fun games every Saturday. The project is open to the public, so for those who are interested, you can call (02)3366-2463. 


     On the first Saturday came a group of third-graders. I made them draw the portrait of Dr. Kudo, the first   curator of the herbarium. To my surprise, they are all into drawing. 


     While I am sorting the photos, I recall the portrait lessons in Camberwell. Since it was a Saturday and neither were we in school, I didn't feel like pressure the kids by constantly reminding them of the passing of time. They really took their time and seemed so involved. 


     Each of these kids has their own artistic style!


     After they were done with drawing, I asked them to cut the portraits into pieces and piece them together again randomly. This should be the introductory lesson to Cubism. 


     The boys couldn't help making fun of each other along the way, but they are an adorable bunch. The chubby boy in the back didn't feel like leaving at all. It always warms my heart whenever I encounter kids that enjoy the short stay in the herbarium. 


     After the kids left, it was time for the adults to have fun. Today Xin-huei told us to make puppet birds. 


     My eagle. 


     The sky would become so colorful because of the birds! 


     Last Saturday we attended a one-day workshop. In the morning we learned about the rice paper plant and Taiwan Pleione. In the afternoon we made Taiwan Pleione with pith paper (only the petals). Though it was quite chaotic, it was a fantastic day! 

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