Sunday, April 13, 2014

The 26th Award Ceremony of Hsin Yi Picture Book Contest / 信誼第26屆幼兒文學獎


Last time when I went to the award ceremony of Hsin Yi picture book contest, it was five years ago. Now when I look back, I feel that whether I've won or not, I should come for a look. 


   Many heavyweight figures in Taiwan's children's literature circle were invited along with many super young selected artists. I felt so moved to be part of all this. 


   I knew that I didn't win the final award  beforehand, but I didn't feel upset at all. In fact, I was more than happy to see so many wonderful works. 


   This year there was no first place. There were three winners of second place, two of whom are young girls in their early 20s. As for the third group, the winners said they are not that young.  Mr. Hsu on the left encouraged us by saying that he had participated several times. Best of all, Mr. Lin Liang was there too. He is the father of children's literature in Taiwan. 


   The judges have the impression that the works over the past few years have been more impressive in terms of pictures. Most artists can work on their story-narrating skills. Thus, there's the category of picture-book narratives in the coming competition. Hopefully, there will be more good stories for illustrators to work with. 


   I would like to thank my good friends Huiling and Meiyen for being there for me. Hsin Yi prepared really yummy afternoon tea for us to enjoy. We took a picture in front of my dinosaur family. 


   The famous writer Hsiao Yeh was invited to give a talk on how to tell a good story. Though he didn't teach any writing skills, we laughed with tears during the whole speech. He definitely showed how a good story-teller should be. 


   This is such an uplifting day. After today, I will definitely work harder and dedicate my life to writing and illustrating stories! 

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