Wednesday, April 30, 2014

17 Again!


I like books, and I like to make books. For the coming presentation of my students on May, 2nd, we prepared a very beautiful brochure for the guests. Though it's just a "brochure," I treated it as a book while preparing it. 


   The girls thought of a fantastic theme for the presentation: 17 again! In the presentation, it's 2044. Thirty years from now on, they are all successful people in different fields. However, when they look back, they know they were inspired by the big project done at the age of 17. I love the ambition and dream this theme evokes. It's so full of youthful passion. 


   I have different expectations for kids of different ages. Before making the book, I told myself to give the girls much space. Thus, apart from offering advice, I hardly interfered. I only proofread the text before sending it to print. I really have to declare with pride that they have made AMAZING progress! 


   How WONDERFUL it is to be 17!

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