Sunday, September 01, 2013

Learning together / 有伴的學習


When I am writing the postcard of the day, it occurs to me that if an adult needs company to make learning interesting, companionship will be even more important for children or teenagers. Suppose what we learn every day can be part of the mail in the form of a story or a question to a friend, we will learn it better because we impose personal significance on the knowledge that originally didn't mean a thing to us. I am definitely going to adopt the concept in my classes. 


   I read from the newspaper that the yet-to-come 12-year obligatory education is one of the new policies that makes Taiwanese least happy. As a teacher, I have to admit that lately I've heard too much said, too much repeated. I think we should discard all the bureaucratic stuff and go back to the starting point: Learning itself is a happy thing. If we don't make children feel the joy of learning, then however much we try to give them, it's totally useless and pointless.

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