Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Before and after / 前世來生


This semester we read Tuesdays with Morrie together. Knowing that the girls are having quite a hard time dealing with loads of homework, this week I asked everyone to think about their previous and afterlife. I would like to be inspired by their creativity with the art paper sponsored by Huei.


   I had planned to play British pop, but the Internet connection was off. So we listened to the idiosyncratic Hungarian folk music. It might be my illusion that whenever I make kids do handicrafts, it feels so peaceful and pleasant in the classroom. 


   When we use language to tackle a problem, it feels naked. Yet, with an image, it becomes much more poetic. 


   I was a tree in my previous life, and in my afterlife, I will be a happy artist. Luckily, I think I can be both in my current life. 


   And in this life I will evolve into an English teacher teaching with the help of art. What's better, there will be neither tests nor homework! 

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