Sunday, February 03, 2013

Shidong Market / 士東市場


Before the winter break, my colleague mentioned Shidong Market in our small talk. Tianmu is at the other end of the city, so naturally I do not frequent the area. However, this weekend, I had a chance to visit the market by coincidence. 


I  did a little bit of research on the Internet beforehand. Shidong Market is thought of as a high-end market by a blogger, which only made me more curious. Not a housewife, I do not have a clue of the prices and quality of fresh produce, so I can't confirm the blogger's statement. As soon as I arrived there, I headed immediately to the second floor, where the eateries gather. The crowds looking for somewhere to sit for lunch, again, disoriented me. In the beginning I couldn't put my finger on the feature of this market, so I had to observe the surroundings while having lunch. Next to the pho stand is a small cafe, where the customers chatted and enjoyed themselves. Right, it occurred to me that I should draw the scene, which isn't so commonly seen in markets. After lunch, I asked the owner if I could stay to sketch the cafe. He wiped the table clean for me with loads of sincerity. This was the first time for me to have a chair and a table for doing a sketch this winter. 


For me, I define Shidong Market as high-end because people know how to relax here in the hustle and bustle of everyday lives. Not everyone is capable of that...


Today I had an epiphany about myself while sketching. I was always asked if I am an art major or if I work in the related fields. Despite my year in London, I would still say "No" for I didn't think drawing brought me any material gain. Still, I studied illustration! Next time I will say bravely, "Yes!" And one day my belief will become reality. 


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