Saturday, February 09, 2013

New Year's Eve / 除夕


What do you do after the yearly clean-up on Chinese New Year's Eve? I went on a shopping spree and bought the picture books in the name of the numerous children at home. Every kid will get a picture book as his/her New Year's gift with a hand-made card attached. Well, that's the art class for me on this special day. 


The little girl, whom the card is meant for, is still in her mom's stomach, but she will arrive with spring. Taro Gomi's color schemes should be a fantastic gift for a newborn baby. 


I freaked Kai out a while ago in the episode of the big bad wolf. When he didn't behave himself, I threatened to call the wolf. He acted really calm at first, running home to his grandpa, who told him that the big bad wolf doesn't exist. He came back to me trying to prove me wrong. When I picked up the receiver one more time, he burst into tears, explaining he hadn't meant to hurt his god grandmother. 


This book will show to Kai that the wolf isn't scary at all. 


I love this book Orange Horse written by Mr. Liu She-gong. It is a gift for the elder brother in the twins in our family. 


The book Little 1 illustrated by Paul Rand reminds me of the only child Wright. We do have tons of young and old people to keep him company! 


The starving ghosts in the story The Funny Little Woman set new goals for Von. We have been carrying out our new year plan--Little Giants Want to Gain Weight! Before and after every meal, Von and Kai fight to measure their weight. I am the coach that decides how much weight they have to gain after eating. Silly as it sounds, the boys take the project seriously, and I am having the time of my life! 


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