Monday, July 03, 2017

In museums / 博物館裡


I went to the exhibition of Sanyu in National Museum of History with my picture-book-making class. Our teacher asked us to sketch in the museum, which I hadn't done for ages. I couldn't help recalling my endless sketching sessions when studying in London. 


     I put emphasis on Sanyu's paintings. The flow of visitors was kind of disturbing in the beginning, but as I began, I felt I could be as firm as a giant rock. The lines and colors of Sanyu's works hold infinite attraction for me. Moreover, it didn't take much time to imitate. 


     After the sketching session, it was time for us to share our sketches. It was fun that everyone sketched  from different perspectives. For example, the teacher analyzed the composition of each painting, which I learned later. Some drew the relationship between the artworks and the visitors, and still others thought of the space of the museum as an artwork. How nice to have such wonderful stimulation through the exchange. 


     Several days later, I thought of the sketches I had done on my trip to Miro's Museum in Barcelona eight years ago. I found that I had a very different perspective back then. In fact, I started to sketch even when waiting in line to get the ticket. 


     I found the crowds so irresistible at that time! 

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