Sunday, August 28, 2016

Treat me nice / 溫柔地 對待自己


I still have so many goals in my mind on the day before the new semester starts. However, I am aware that there's something bigger: I need to undergo some essential rituals to bid farewell to the past and adjust my pace first. 


A few days ago I learned of the tragic news that my colleague Chia-yi passed away earlier this month.  Her death has had a huge impact on me because somehow in her, I saw myself. Surprisingly, her funeral transformed my sadness into strength. More importantly, I am reminded to rethink seriously about my life. In the past months, I've given myself much pressure. Even though my body can't take it, I still dismiss this problem. I feel that Chia-yi is telling me to let go of some things and to take it slow. 

小智的檸檬 / Chi's lemon 


I am surrounded by new people and new objects at this point of life, but before putting away the old journal, I thumb through the record of the past few months. Apart from frustrations, there are also some moments of love. After all, beautiful moments don't always have to be shiny. 

還是忘不了爸爸在機場揮手的身影 / Dad's waving goodbye in the airport


As we all know, when we focus too much on details, we lose sight of the big picture. We have to be reminded to take a step back and get a perspective constantly. 


It's ok that we can't find the answer sometimes. 


I do lose that peaceful feeling sometimes, but fortunately, the evening walk always calms me down. 


Spring will come again. 


One day in mid-June, Chia-yi accidentally told me that she found my blog, and then she began to chat with me about life and illness. We didn't have that much interaction, but she has left such a deep impression on me. Before the new semester begins, I want to send my best wishes to her and to myself! 

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