Monday, June 07, 2010

Mr. Sun Rides the Subway / 太陽先生搭地鐵


Mr. Sun Rides the Subway

圖‧文 游為淳

Story and illustrations by Weichuen You

Special thanks to the Von family for taking me to the Da Vinci exhibition. The subway ride gave me the inspiration for the following story.


Mr. Sun can’t wait to get up every morning. He just loves to give off light and heat.


He feels on top of the world when seeing skyscrapers and people in his warm arms.


But underneath the ground, there’s a world that Mr. Sun has never seen.


That is the subway system! People can go everywhere without saying hello to the hot sun face to face!


One day Mr. Sun discovers the big secret! Not seeing his favorite humans, he’s shocked and speechless.


Then he flies into a RAGE!


After calming down, sadness overwhelms him. He realizes that mankind does not like him very much.


Mr. Sun thinks about why they dislike him. Next, he decides to hide his red glow and explore the subway world under the ground. Maybe he can learn something from it.


In the beginning, Mr. Sun only sees many black rumbling cars going in different directions. Which line to take? This really baffles him.


It takes him so much effort to get on. He is surrounded by passengers on all sides. He has to recline against the window, but there is really nothing to see outside except the murky darkness.


Mr. Sun sees nothing but sad and tired faces. It seems that no one is pleased by the idea of taking the subway.


In the end even Mr. Sun can’t help screaming inside: Let me out!


All of a sudden, all the lights go off following several booming sounds. The passengers shout in great fear. The subway stations and tunnels are in total chaos.


It is a power outage.


However, after a short pause, light glimmers in the dark. Mr. Sun’s scarf flies away, his red light revealed.


The subway stations are no longer in dark. Passengers fight to thank him. With crowds trying to hold his hand, he feels shy about his sudden popularity.


Mr. Sun likes humans so much that he longs to see them every day. Now he puts away a little bit of his light and heat so that his passion won’t drive them away.


Mr. Sun also visits people taking the subway on a regular basis. He would like to give them some light and heat in the dark. Most of all, he doesn’t want them to forget him!