Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bali of Three / 巴里島,三個人



It always takes me ages to start my carnet of voyage after returning from a trip. A beautiful reason for this is that my inspiration hardly stops flowing, if you may excuse my boldness to say so. My comics "Bali of Three" comes a little bit late, but I am making progress on a daily basis. Please be patient for my snail-pace update.

I want to thank my favorite travel companion Huei and the most adorable driver in the world, Yanto, for making my trip so full of laughter and tears...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy shoe box / 幸福的鞋盒


Two days ago I accidentally found my little brother's shoe box, waiting to be recycled. Since canvas can be quite costly, I was thrilled to have free cardboard for practice. I then turned the plain shoe box into a very happy one by painting pleasant images...

Kay has lovely Shorty,


Phoebe has cute Sweety.
The moment the clock strikes,
Everyone fights,
To see his face, full of lights.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our first Valentine / 我們的第一個情人節


I have a little lover. He's only six months old. When we dance together, we need help of his dad or mom. Even so, I am helplessly in love with him...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Picky traveler / 旅行怪客


I haven't played the tag game for a long while. Constance tagged me weeks ago about a similar topic I had done two years ago--six weird things about myself. As close friends know, I have tons of weird habits. But to be more precise, this time I'd like to place the focus on traveling and share my treasured photos with you.


1. 對同行的旅伴很挑剔:旅行可說是友情的最大考驗,所以我對不同路的旅伴敬謝不敏,這並不是無情的表現,而是為了我們的友情更長程的著想。選對了人上天堂,選錯的人整趟旅行不見光。圖中拿著攝影機的女孩是我這幾年來最滿意的同伴,我們之間的默契不是三言兩語可以帶過。

photo taken on the Kuta beach, 2007

1. Particular about my companion: Taking a trip together is the biggest test for any relationship, so I select my traveling companion with prudence. That doesn't mean I am a callous person. I just don't want to ruin our friendship. With the right person, a trip will take you up to heaven. With a wrong choice, the whole trip will end up hellish. The camera girl in the photo is chosen as my favorite companion in years. The mutual understanding between us is just beyond description.


2. 用勞力換取自由:成年之後從來沒有跟過團,將來也不計畫跟團旅行。雖然在拖行李時常自問,為何要如此自虐,明明內心也不停幻想貴婦人的旅行,不過看到同行的自助旅客,大家紛紛賣力地提著行李往各自的目標前去,想著這一路去以及旅程的終點,都有無限的驚喜等待著,並且可以因此和當地的人和其他旅者有交集,可以因此迷路或玩找路的遊戲,可以任意更改每日的行程,我只能說,跟團雖方便,自由價更高啊!

photo taken at the airport train station, Rome, 2006

2. "Toiling" for freedom: I have not traveled with a tour group since the age of 20, and I don't plan to do so in the future. While dragging the heavy baggage and sweating like a pig, I often ask myself why I opt for such self-abuse instead of the deluxe and easy itineraries of tour group traveling. However, I am comforted at seeing other independent travelers do the same thing. It's a beautiful scene that everyone pulls hard their luggage and goes for their respective destinations. There're always surprises lying in wait along the way or at the end of the journey. As a backpacker, I thus have more opportunities to interact with local people and other travelers. I quite enjoy myself when getting lost and feel proud when finding my way. I especially love roaming around and ending in a renowned tourist spot without seriously consulting maps. Well, convenient as tour group travel might be, I cherish more the freedom of an independent traveler!


3. 對於衛浴設備的堅持:我不是個極盡奢華的人,但也不喜歡委屈自己,更何況我對健康有種病態般的神經質。因為這個毛病沒什麼光榮,我選擇含蓄些,因為它,我在行前訂旅館時得大費周章,用力地查看網路上的浴室照片是否有可移動的漣澎頭,不確定的話還得寫信和旅館人員對質。不然上面的小馬桶我也接受‧‧‧

photo taken in Rome, 2006

3. Particular about toilet facilities: I am not an extragavant person, but I don't want to suffer during trips. Besides, I am unbelievably paranoid about health issues. There's nothing glorious about "my little problem," so I prefer to be more low-key here. Because of it, I have to check the photos of bathrooms with the magnifying scope before making reservations. If I am not so sure, I'll write to the hotel staff before making final decisions. Well, I am not that hard to please. I accept the little toilet in the photo as well...


4. 偷拍的本能重新燃起:在日常生活裡,即使有漂亮的鏡頭,也常因為懶惰便擦身而過。旅行的時候,這種獵物的本能完完全全甦醒,看到好看的人事物,不管距離多遠,我都要一一捕捉。

photo taken at Colosseum, Rome, 2006

4. Paparazzi instinct comes to life: In daily lives, I often miss lovely scenes because of laziness. Fortunately, my paparazzi instinct never fails to be revived when traveling. When I spot good-looking people or scenes, no matter how far they are, I'll figure out ways to capture them with my dear camera.


5. 偏愛人煙稀少的公園和植物園:平常生活在大都市已經夠烏煙瘴氣,反正我對高級名品興趣缺缺,錯過精品街並不覺得可惜。沒有觀光客的公園和充滿綠意的植物園總是讓我心情愉悅,我不在意這些是不是熱門的觀光景點,起碼我看到了有別於台北Gucci或Prada旗艦店的美麗。

photo taken at Borghese Villa, Rome, 2006

5. Distinct preference for quiet parks and botanical gardens: My daily life has shown to me the dark and expensive sides of living in big cities. I am not into name brands, so it isn't a pity at all for me to miss the boutique streets. I can't but feel elated when I find quiet parks and green botanical gardens by accident. I don't mind if they are hot tourist attractions. At least, I see a kind of beauty different from the Gucci or Prada boutiques in Taipei.


6. 不介意等待:旅行中充滿了等待,等著換下一班飛機、搭下一班公車、等著餐廳座位等等,還好等待的同時總有許多風景像電影畫面般地上演,這是我見過最愉快的等待。

photo taken at the main train station, Florence, 2006

6. I don't mind waiting: Waiting is part of traveling. I wait for the next flight, wait for the next bus, wait for a free table etc. Luckily, there are stories unfolding around me while I am waiting. When it comes to waiting on my trips, I have endless patience.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yanto / 楊朶

My name is Yanto, Indonesian, 24 years old, dad-to-be.
From today on, I am your driver. Ladies, my car will take you everywhere, up the mountains, down to the sea. I am at your disposal. Just don't hesitate to tell me your wishes!

Friday, February 02, 2007

winter get-away / 冬天裡的夏天


You yesterday sent two postcards from the tropical Bali Island to me today. You wanted me to feel that warm summer air.


You'd like to show me around on that lovely island. We even had a gorgeous driver!


Look at the crowds that gathered on the beach of Kuta. The white clouds were too perfect to be true. The waves made heavenly music unceasingly.

The serious and simple Balinese people exuded a certain charm beyond description when they were on the move and at work.


I left the summer in Bali yesterday, but I am missing it badly...